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Never Get Another Cold

Never Get Another Cold

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Vocal coach Thomas Appell has released a book that will help singers to maintain a long and healthy career. The vocal coach and author of Can You Sing A HIGH C Without Straining, knew that he had to stay health and eliminate colds from his system in order to meet is teaching schedule and his research, which was for his persoal use, turned into the NGAC diet.

Even if a singer is fully confident, knows the material, and has conquered stage fright, the common cold can still affect your performance. In this book, Thomas discusses in great detail ways to help beat cancer, diabetes, aids, and everyday colds and infections, such as strep throat and laryngitis. The DVD reads just like a book, allowing you to flip pages with your remote control, with the choice of narration by the author or read alone files. There is also an author presentation, in which Thomas explains the basics of following this diet in easy to understand steps, with a full explanation of why this diet will completely change your health.  If you suffer from allergies, severe colds, sinusitis, sore throats, or other ailments, I highly suggest purchasing Never Get Another Cold, to get a grasp on your vocal health.