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Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Got stagefright? Yeah, I dig it. I’ve been there myself. In fact, I am there EVERY time I perform.

So, if you’re nervous about an upcoming gig, join the show...and be happy about it, because nervousness is a sign that you care about singing.

I’ve always had stagefright, but I’ve come to accept it as a blessing because nervousness is a type of fuel you can use to turn your performance into something beyond what you dreamed possible. For those of you who use my methods, you already know that I show you ways to overcome it in my book, Raise Your Voice and my instructional video,  Beyond Stage Presence.

For those of you who are new to singing and need some guidance right this instant, here is the simplest method to use and is EXACTLY what I use every time I am performing or shattering glass on a tv show and when conducting vocal workshops…

I take a pause before stepping on stage and watch a movie.


Yes, you heard me correctly. But to be more precise,. I watch a “mind movie”.

I have always been very visual, and my students know that I get more out of them through visual guidance than explaining vocal; anatomy, which is why I keep my methodology simplistic. I have gotten great results since 1996 by using visualization. Now it’s your turn, and it only takes three two simple steps:

Step One: Accept that stage fright is great for singers. It is performance fuel. But, once you start your singing engine, it might take a few minutes to completely warm up. It’s l;ike starting a weed eater. Ity will take a few pulls and a few minutes of revving that small gas engine before it is operating at its peak performance. Those stage fright butterflies in your stomach and/or that dry mouth is simply that. You’re on stage, you pulled the chain and started your performance engine and you’re off to work. BUT, those butterflies WILL stop and then your voice will run long as you do Step Two...

Step Two: Before the show, step onto the stage or peek out to the stage from the curtain and look out into the audience. The room can be completely empty (so you CAN do this step hours before the show) or the room can already be crowded (even a minute before the show). Once you’ve viewed the room, close your eyes and get ready to run your own mind movie. With your eyes closed, picture the stage as if the performance has already started. See the crowd going crazy, picture them singing along, feel that your voice is in the best shape ever. And then see the show end, see yourself walk off the stage, and jump ahead to meeting the fans, where you receive tons of compliments. This mind movie is happening is super speed, so the entire process only takes seconds. It is like watching a two hour movie in less than a minute. Bottom line, see an entire amazing performance appear on the back of your eyelids and play out in no time flat EXACTLY how you want it to happen.

I’ve told countless stories of how I’ve used this method all over the world on dozens of stages in order to share my experiences with my students. It has worked for me every time...and it will work for you.

Again, stage fright is fuel that is there to fuel your dream; and your dream is playing music on stage. Nobody said we couldn’t “watch” the dream before it actually took place.

So, start using mind movies to control your stage fright and guide the outcome of your performance.

See ya next post!



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