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Maintaining Vocal Health

Maintaining Vocal Health I’ve written a lot about vocal health, discussed the issue with various doctors, and have even published a book called, Superior Vocal Health by David Aaron Katz because I believe that many vocal problems can be remedied by a daily ritual geared towards maintaining our vocal health.

Vocal health must be a part of your daily life. Many singers call me when they run into vocal trouble, generally when becoming sick from being subjected to germs, as well as a change in their environment, such as dry air, air conditioning, etc.

Whenever I fly around the world to perform on a television show or conduct a vocal workshop, I have a strict regimen I follow to maintain vocal health. So, I figured I’d share what I currently do to maintain a strong, healthy voice and prepare my body to beat off the cold season. Without getting into great detail, here are a few tips from my current vocal health repertoire:


I drink a minimum of a gallon a day (usually two gallons when I’m on the road). My ENT, Dermatologist, and family doctor ALL swear by the importance of water, therefore my trust in saying you need more water is secure! I also drink lots of hot water to help moisten the pharynx and reduce vocal tissue swelling.

I carry a portable steamer with me to make sure my hotel room has a higher level of humidity during sleep.

I also keep a Neti Pot with me with plenty of salt packets for flushing my sinuses every morning as I shower.


I take two to three packets of vitamin C/B-Complex, such as Emergen-C packets, once every morning to support my immune system and mental health.

As well, I dissolve one zinc tablet three times per day on my tongue- morning, noon, and night (the chalky type that dissolve in your mouth NOT the hard candy type) for overall support. The benefits of C, B-complex, and Zinc are well documented.

Whenever I have to he in a large crowd like at a show or in an airport, I always use Airborne effervescent tablets in a bottle of water whenever I travel to prevent from getting a cold. If I forget, I always get a cold. It has happened three times to me now; twice on the way back from Japan and once when flying to India. All three times I’d forgotten to take my Airborne during the flights, and each time that nasty cold got the best of me.

This is the bare bones of my current hydration and supplementation regimen. For those of you who have read my book, Raise Your Voice, you know there is much more that can be done to keep your voice in shape.

Bottom line, if you want to stay in peak vocal performance, it will take more than vocal exercises and daily singing. You must maintain vocal health every day and not wait to ramp up your efforts right before hitting the studio, getting ready for a weekend gig, or preparing to leave for the tour.

So, what will YOU change today to assure that you maintain vocal health from this day forward? It’s time to make vocal health and all-day, every-day necessity!


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