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Extreme Scream Vocal Lessons 1 & 2 Bundle (MP3)

Extreme Scream Vocal Lessons 1 & 2 Bundle (MP3)

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Here's your chance to own vocal coach Jaime Vendera's two most popular screaming lessons, bundled together for one low price. Save over 20% when you buy the Extreme Scream 1 & 2 Bundle.

In Extreme Scream lesson #1 you will learn:

  • Low guttural screams
  • Midrange screams
  • High screams
  • Death whispers
  • Pterodactyl screams
  • Pig squeals
  • Demonic multi-harmonic scream (2 pitches voiced at the same time)
  • Grunts, growls, sirens and more are all covered in this comprehensive screaming lesson. Jaime even includes 4 bonus warm up & cool down exercises (lip bubbles, 'Gregorian hums', 'the Chewbacca', and the 'Vocal Fry') to get you warmed up properly AND cooled down properly after each performance.

In Extreme Scream lesson #2 you will learn:

How to properly apply "heat" to your vocals in the style of Metallica, Nirvana, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains...without damaging your voice!

Jaime, along with his killer band and voice student Brian Kelly of Severed Chains, will show you how to add these grit & rasp techniques for maximum effect:

* Low grit
* Midrange grit
* Smoky/breathy grit
* Grunge grit
* Nasal grit
* Blues growls
* and much more!

Over TWO hours of intense vocal screaming and singing lessons for an amazing special price. Act now before these savings go away.

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