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Extreme Scream Volume #1: Learn how to Scream Metal, Death Metal, Screamo & More (MP3)

Extreme Scream Volume #1: Learn how to Scream Metal, Death Metal, Screamo & More (MP3)

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Are you frustrated with boring vocal instructors who claim they can teach you how to scream-sing the right way, but only show you boring scales?

Do you want to learn how to scream, growl and ROAR! in the style of bands with aggressive 'unclean vocals' such as White Chapel, Divine Heresy, Arch Enemy and All Shall Perish--or even melodic metal screamers such as Disturbed, Lamb of God, Linkin Park, Shadows Fall, Avenged Sevenfold and Godsmack, to name a few?

Do you want to strengthen your voice, increase your range, and scream effortlessly for longer periods than you've ever been able to scream-sing before?

And do you want to do it in a fun way...that's motivating AND won't hurt or damage your voice?

Look no further. Extreme Scream Volume #1 is an intense, 45 minute (90 minutes for the entire program), 120+ MB downloadable MP3 audio lesson by world-renowned, master vocal coach Jaime Vendera.

Based on over twenty years of research and development, the Extreme Scream Vocal Series by world-renowned Master Vocal Coach Jaime Vendera is packed with over 90 minutes of screaming secrets, cutting-edge screaming techniques, extreme scream vocal exercises, bonus vocal warms-ups & cool-downs, and a brutal, adrenaline-charged metal soundtrack that will actually motivate you and make you WANT to practice. This definitely 'ain't your father's singing lesson and we promise you, you won't find any boring piano scales in this lesson!

This is intense, hardcore vocal training for today's modern screamers and scream-singers.

Taught in clear, step by step, and easy to follow extreme scream vocal instruction by Jaime and his student Brian Kelly of death metal band "Severed Chains", the Extreme Scream Series is the only screaming lesson you'll need to learn how to scream-sing the RIGHT way so that you can scream night after night, effortlessly, without blowing out your voice.

Low guttural screams, Midrange screams, High screams, death whispers, pterodactyl screams, pig squeals, the demonic multi-harmonic scream (2 pitches voiced at the same time), grunts, growls, sirens and more are all covered in this comprehensive screaming lesson. Jaime even includes 4 bonus warm up & cool down exercises (lip bubbles, 'Gregorian hums', 'the Chewbacca', and the 'Vocal Fry') to get you warmed up properly AND cooled down properly after each performance.

Forget what you may have read on a blog or seen on an amateur youtube video, screaming is an artform and requires proper training and technique taught by a professional to help you achieve the kickass results you want (and to avoid damaging your voice). Vocal coach Jaime Vendera is known for his POWERFUL voice & amazing glass shattering ability and has been featured on popular television shows like MythBusters, the Dr. Oz Show and more; he's taught metal/rock vocal workshops around the world; and has been the private vocal coach for some of the most famous progressive, rock & metal vocalists out there. In short, he knows what he's doing and in the Extreme Scream Vocal Series, he shows you how to transform an ordinary scream into an unholy, beastly shriek that'll break a few glasses of your own.

Whether you want to learn how to scream/sing rock, metal, death metal, grindcore, metalcore, punk, or screamo, you'll find all the techniques you'll need in the Extreme Scream Series if you want to scream with power and brutality.

A private, hour-long training lesson with Jaime costs $125.00 and up. But you can download this 120MB, 90 minute program with Jaime for a fraction of the cost of a private lesson.

What are you waiting for? Download your copy of Extreme Scream Volume #1 today and start screaming tonight!

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